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Free Pattern – Scrunchies “Scrunch me up”

Scrunchies are making a comeback so why not knit one of your own? 🙂

This pattern is great for leftovers as it only requires approx. 50m of yarn.
It is also super easy to knit and makes an awesome (as well as quick) gift and with Sinterklaas/Christmas no far away there is still time to make a few.
But know, they are quite addictive to knit 😉

The pattern is adaptable to any size/length hair tie you have – all you need is your gauge and the length your hair tie stretches to in order to calculate the amount of stitches you will need to cast on.
The pattern was written for a hair tie that is 6,5cm/2.55” in diameter and stretches to 19cm/7.5” (38cm/15”circumference) without any metal connectors.

– approx. 50m/55yards of fingering weight yarn (180-240m per 50 gram)
I have used leftovers from Freckles & Speckles Merino Singles (approx. 12gr per scrunchie)
– hair tie – mine is 6,5cm/2.55” in diameter and stretches to 19cm/7.5” (38cm/15”circumference). I recommend using a tie without any metal connectors.
– Needle size 3,5mm/US 4 – I recommend circular needles 40cm/16” to knit in the round, but piece can be worked flat and seamed together
– Stitch marker (when knitting in the round)
– Wool needle

SIZE:  One size – approx. 38cm/15” circumference x 8cm/3.15” long (before seaming)
KNITTING GAUGE: 10cm x 10cm = approx. 26 stitches x 38 rows in stockinette
Gauge is not so important, pattern can be easily adjusted once gauge has been obtained.

When knitting in the round:
Cast on 100 stitches with circular needle 3,5mm/US 4 and join in the round.
Mark begin of round with stitch marker and knit all stitches until piece measures approx. 8cm/3.15”. Cast off all stitches and leave a long tail for seaming.
When knitting flat:
Cast on 102 stitches with needle size 3,5mm/US 4. Turn.
Wrong Side (WS): Knit 1, purl all stitches until 1 stitch is left, knit 1 – turn
Right Side (RS):  Knit all stitches until end of row – turn
Repeat until piece measures approx. 8cm/3.15”. Cast off all stitches and leave a long tail for seaming. Seam short ends together (using the first and last stitch) to create a circle.

NOTE: I recommend blocking your piece to reduce curling of long edges before seaming as it makes it a little easier, but it is not necessary.

Turn inside out so that wrong (purl) side is facing you. Place hair tie ‘around’ the circle so it’s in the middle and fold piece in half (long edges together) so that right side (knit) is facing you and the tie is wrapped inside – see pic 1 below.
Seam long edges together using mattress stitch. This part can be a bit fiddly. To make it easier you can place both fabric and tie around a book – see pic 2 below.

And that is all – easy peasy 🙂

If you are using Social Media please share your scrunchies using hashtag #scrunchmeup
We love to see them.

Happy Knitting!









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