Wollyhood is dè wolwinkel in Utrecht!

Exciting discoveries

“One advantage of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.”

Being a very disorderly person myself, I have to say: This is very true.
Sometimes, when sorting something out in the house, I find stuff that I have been looking for a while ago or things I have completely forgotten about. In both cases it usually makes me feel very happy :).

Trying to keep my yarn stash organized seems like an impossible job to me. Not only do I have yarn for new and ongoing projects, but over the years I have also collected yarns for dismissed projects, special offers and a fair amount of leftovers.
Throwing something out or giving it away only happens  on very rare occasions – because you never know what you could use it for.

Last weekend I have made another attempt to sort it somehow. While going through my boxes and drawers full of yarn I have made some very exciting discoveries. Like a sockwool I was looking for last winter or a beautiful colour blend that I had completely forgotten about.
I should really restrain myself from getting any more wool for new projects and use what I have instead. But having my own shop full of yarn, plenty of new ideas and new stuff coming in all the time makes that another  thing that seems impossible to me.

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