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How much sock can you get?

I love knitting socks.
They keep my feet perfectly warm during cold days and they make great gifts (especially for my father-in-law, who orders a pair for every christmas).

One thing that happens to me most of the time is that when you buy 100gr of sock wool for 2,5-3mm, you always have quite a bit of sock wool left, but just not enough for another pair. My cupboard at home is filled with lots of mini balls of  sock wool, and occasionally I mix and match them. But still, there is always something left.

I used to knit socks ‘cuff-down’, meaning that I would start with a rib at the leg, work the heel, then knit the foot and finish with the toe.
I was never able to tell when my leg was long enough, but not too long to have enough left for the foot.
So I started knitting socks ‘toe-up’, with the intention to knit up the entire ball of yarn.

So, how much sock can you get from 100gr?

photo 1 (1)

As you can see on the picture, you get quite a bit of sock (the yarn is Fortissima Color Graffiti).

The socks are size 40/41, knitted in stockinette on the foot en rib for the leg, each using 50gr / ca.200m of sock wool on needle 2,5mm.

It took me quite some time to finish them, but I was very surprised that they are this long.
But since I have no intentions of knitting knee socks all the time, I guess I will just have to accept that I will always have a cupboard full of leftover sock wool.

Now tell me, how do you knit your socks?


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