Wollyhood is dè wolwinkel in Utrecht!

InstaMeet Utrecht – Fiber Edition

All over the world people are organising InstaMeets (aka Instagrammeetings) so we thought it was time for one in Holland/Utrecht. We have called it the ‘Fiber Edition’, because this one is for everyone who is knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, felting or dyeing or anyone else who is working in any way with wool/fibre.

So what is an InstaMeet? If you google it, this is what you will find:
“In a nutshell, an Instameet is where people gather in a pre-determined place, at a set time, to take photos then upload them to Instagram. That’s it really. Plus, you get to meet your favourite Instagrammers that you’ve been Insta-stalking forever and they are all super nice!”

There you have it. It’s all about meeting super nice people that share the same interests. And take lots of pictures.

So, save the date and highlight Sunday January 14th 2018 in your calendar as bright as you can.
Because that’s the day when you will meet your favourite Instagrammers.

As a location we have chosen Utrecht. It’s right in the middle of Holland so it makes it easier to travel.
The exact location will be determined as soon as we have any idea how many people are planning to join.

If you wish to join please send us an email to instameetutrecht@gmail.com
We will place you onto a mailinglist and keep you updated  (we will not share your email with anyone and we will not use it for anything else but updates on this event.)

In the meantime, please share this event! Tell everyone about it!
We want to meet as many instagrammers as we can!

And since it’s Instagram we are talking about, of course there is a hashtag 😉  #instameetutrecht
We, aka WollyhoodNL, can’t wait to meet you!

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