Wollyhood is dè wolwinkel in Utrecht!

With all my heart

A few weeks ago I made this lovely set the arrival of a baby boy, but I was also thinking about making a small gift for his big sister.
She has just turned 4 years old and I wasn’t sure what I should make.

In an old crafting book of mine I saw a pattern for a mini heart medaillon and I thought it was so cute, that I decided to turn it into a purse.

And it is really easy to make.
I used a double thread of Drops Cotton Viscose with hook size 5mm and crocheted two equal hearts. You can attach them by either sewing or crocheting them together, leaving the top of the hearts open. In the middle of the top you need to add a loop and a button, so you can close it. If you prefer you can add a lining the inside of the purse, making sure that nothing can fall out.
And then you add a crochet strap, as long as you like it. It can be a short one to hold it with hands, or a long one to wear over the shoulder.

And you are done! This is what mine looks like:


Tell me, will you be making one too?


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